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The following information is needed to process you application:

1. A copy of the name referencing the business.
2. If this application is for a change of ownership only on an existing business, attach a copy of the previous owners paid tax receipt to take advantage of discounted transfer fees.
3. A floor and parking layout will be required for a new use or change of use.
4. A 25% penalty fee is charged if you open for business prior to obtaining your business tax receipt. ($50.00 Fire Fee required).
5. If a state license is required for your business, please attach a copy.
6. If you are applying for a home occupation license, please attach the required home occupation affidavit, along with a notarized letter of authorization from the property owner if applicable.

Zoning and Building sign off will be required.

Public Works sign off required for Grease Receptor. Call (727.363.9219) if you have questions.

You will be called upon completion of application review to discuss requirements and related fees.

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