Permit # Date Parcel Address Permit Type Status Zoning District Applicant Business Name Request An Inspection View
10362 12/12/2019 80 Birch Street Fire Alarm & Detection Equipment Johnson Controls - Clint Swank Van Maanen Electric  Request An Inspection  View
10361 12/12/2019 ok to reuse Steve's Electric, Inc.  Request An Inspection  View
10360 12/11/2019 ok to reuse  Request An Inspection  View
10359 12/11/2019 1395 Jordan Street Building Rick novak  Request An Inspection  View
10358 12/10/2019 1637 Vandello Circle Fence Issued RD-10 Front 25 ft. Side 10 ft. Rear 30 ft. Jeff Speicher-American Fence Company  Request An Inspection  View
10357 12/09/2019 1350 Kennel Court Building B-5 Zoning Certificate Unpaid Fees Patrick McGill/Aspen Prop. Maint.  Request An Inspection  View
10356 12/09/2019 Right of Way Issued Alliant Energy IP&L c/o Mick Bennett  Request An Inspection  View
10355 12/09/2019 2905 W. Penn Street