Permit # Date Parcel Address Permit Type Status Applicant Project Description Status Request An Inspection View
10792 05/27/2020 Void  Request An Inspection  View
10791 05/27/2020 555 W. Cherry St. Unit 5 Building *Pending Herbert & Rebecca Ertle Int. remodeling/build-out of Ste. 5  Request An Inspection  View
10790 05/27/2020 825 Prairie Street Electrical *Pending Price Electric Electrical for deck addition,4 Exterior can lights on switch 1
Heavy fan box at vault ceiling for light on switch (Possible
future fan) 1 Outlet 1 Exterior can light on switch at overhang 1
Box for overhead night owl video surveillance
 Request An Inspection  View
10789 05/27/2020 505 N. Madison Avenue Vehicle Exhaust Ventilation Equipment Issued Hawkeye Electric Vehicle Exhaust Detection Abra Auto Body  Request An Inspection  View
10788 05/26/2020 1015 W. Forevergreen Rd. Building *Pending randy wessling install new windows  Request An Inspection  View
10787 05/26/2020 90 Lily Pond Road Building *Pending Amy and Chris Lewis Above Ground Pool and Deck Extention  Request An Inspection  View
10786 05/26/2020 80 Washington Avenue Zoning *Pending Joseph E. Collier Poured patio in backyard  Request An Inspection  View
10785 05/26/2020 845 Jessie Street Fence Issued Michael and Margaret Finn 5' black vinyl chain link fence connecting to existing fence as
per submitted plan.
 Request An Inspection  View
10784 05/26/2020 248 Holiday Lodge Road Fence *Pending Brittany Clowers Wood poles with chain link fencing with gate  Request An Inspection  View
10783 05/26/2020 15 E. Tartan Drive Building Issued Donald Votroubek deck off back screened in porch  Request An Inspection  View
10782 05/26/2020 Void  Request An Inspection  View
10781 05/26/2020 45 Mark Twain Court Building *Pending Eric Cox Garage Addition  Request An Inspection  View
10780 05/26/2020 425 Watts Court Zoning *Pending scott stewart garden shed 12x12 feet installed in rear yard as per submitted
 Request An Inspection  View
10779 05/23/2020 220 E. Jefferson Street Fence *Pending Travis Breon 8' composite fence at back of the property  Request An Inspection  View
10778 05/23/2020 1215 Daisy Circle Fence *Pending Emily Huinker 6 foot tall x 12 foot long privacy fence for next to patio  Request An Inspection  View