< Permit Application

Property Information


Use of Google Chrome is required for successful document upload and permit application submission.
Please provide the following items for the purpose of requesting a permit from the City of North of Liberty Building Inspection Department:
1. Job site address in the property information box.
2. Permit type.
3. Applicant’s information.
4. Describe the scope of the proposed project or request.
5. Construction Value
6. If applicable, add contractors to perform work covered by the requested permit.
7. Select ALL files that need to be provided with the application in ONE UPLOAD command for proper submission of application. The total file size will need to be 25 MB or smaller in size. Application checklists are available on the City’s website.
8. Select submit button.

Please upload files before you submit the application.

*Please only hit Submit once and wait for confirmation the application went through*

Upload Files: