Permit # Permit Location Permit Description Permit Issued Date* Request An Inspection View
31861 4322 Rock Crest Road front entry door  Request An Inspection  View
31860 3542 John Muir Dr A.C Replacement  Request An Inspection  View
31859 3741 Spring Hill Dr Unheated sunroom & deck addition + stairs  Request An Inspection  View
31858 7635 Lisa Ln Zoning Request Letter 05/06/2021  Request An Inspection  View
31857 6505 Clovernook Rd Replace Windows 05/06/2021  Request An Inspection  View
31856 2115 Parview Rd Fence replacement  Request An Inspection  View
31855 3304 Glacier Ridge Rd Emergency replacement of small porch flat roof (6' x 11') with
significant leaks. Remove exisiting rubber membrane and
underlying rigid insulation and replace with new rigid insulation
/ rubber membrane
05/06/2021  Request An Inspection  View
31854 3201 Glacier Ridge Rd Replace (2) garage service doors from the exterior to the garage
with the same style and no structural changes; Replace various
overhead garage door jamb cedar and brick mold.
 Request An Inspection  View
31853 3960 Valley Ridge Rd Temporary Banner at Glowing Smiles 5K Run/Walk on 05/15/21 05/05/2021  Request An Inspection  View
31852 8820 White Coral Way Roof top Solar 05/05/2021  Request An Inspection  View
31851 3509 Tribeca Dr sign permit  Request An Inspection  View
31850 5802 Highland Ter tear off & re-roof  Request An Inspection  View
31849 7102 University Ave Removing Existing fence and installing a new fence.  Request An Inspection  View
31848 7746 Hillcrest Ave Basement Remodel Adding 3/4 Bath 05/06/2021  Request An Inspection  View
31847 7507 Kenyon Dr Replacing (1) Bay window, (2) Hopper windows (1) 3LS all same
size and location
05/04/2021  Request An Inspection  View
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