< Permit #5810 - 01/28/2020

Permit Information:

Permit Date:
County Permit Number:
County or Castle Valley:
Grand County
Residential or Commercial:
Type of Permit:
Plan review only
Building Address:
3116 Datura Cir
Applicant Name:
Housing Authority of Southeastern Utah
Owner/ Builder:
Construction Category:
Finished Living SF:
Garage/Carport SF:
R-3 Residential, one- and two-family
Residential Use (New construction/change of use):
Number of Buildings:
Number of Dwelling Units:
Number of Bedrooms:
Number of Bathrooms:
Floodplain Status:
Certificate of Occupancy:


Housing Authority of Southeastern Utah - General Building, 321 E Center St Moab UT 84532
Primary Contact: GC Chad McDonald
Goff Engineering & Surveying, Inc. - Engineer/Land Surveyor, PO Box 97 Durango CO 81302
Primary Contact: STRUCTURAL William Hickam
Caddis Architecture - Architecture, 1510 Zamia Ave #103 Boulder CO 80304
Primary Contact: ARCHITECT Bryan Bowen

Plan Reviews:

01/28/2020 - Building Department
Out for Corrections - *Building Inspectors
Date: 02/11/2020
Completed Date: 02/12/2020
- Plan Review - Duplex (E)


  • 02/12/2020 - 1) Provide more information on the site plan regarding ADA parking, access aisles, etc. Ensure surfaces have no greater than 2% slop in any direction. 2) Call out window L as tempered. 3) A duct baster test will be required. 4) Ensure window C meets egress requirements, egress hardware may be required. 5) Note on M403 calls for 26 gauge steel in the garage, this means a vibration isolator cannot be placed at the duct & furnace interconnection. If one is used, it will need to be place after the garage wall separation. 6) Details on the mechanical page do now show the duct connections as being sealed. The cable tie is not sufficient, foil tape or mastic needs to be used at the joints. 7) Load calcs will be needed for at least one of each type of unit i.e. 3 bedroom interior, 3 bedroom exterior, 4 bedroom interior, 4 bedroom exterior and 4 bedroom duplex. 8) We are reviewing these as 2 family and townhomes built under the 2015 IRC & 2015 IECC. They can be built under the IBC, IMC, IPC, IFGC, & NEC, but this will kick in fire sprinkler and other requirements. Update the notes accordingly. 9) An ERV or HRV would be more efficient way to introduce outside air. If outside air is provided per the details and the schedule, ensure the duct is insulated per M502. 10) Ensure the receptacle for the Dishwasher/Disposal is GFI protected with the reset in a readily accessible location. 11) A receptacle is required at the countertop above the dishwasher per IRC E3901.4.1. 12) The laundry area requires a dedicated 20 amp GFI protected receptacle circuit with the reset in a readily accessible location. 13) Ensure the smoke/CO in the hall is located a minimum of 3 feet horizontally from the bathroom doors. 14) If the future radon system is to be installed, show on the plan compliance with the 2015 IRC Appendix F as adopted by the State of Utah. 15) Structural pages are stamped with Goff's Colorado stamp. No stamp is required for residential so either remove or provide Utah Stamp. 16) Provide a detail for the footing step at exterior footings. 17) Although detail 7 on A504 meets code, we allow 1/2" expansion joing to be used at the intersection of slab and foundation wall. As drawn, it creates a weak point in the concrete that cracks with carpet tack strip, etc. 18) If zip wall system will not be used, remove from the plans. 19) Show how the utilities will be served to each unit, note that properties lines cannot be crossed unless in an easement. 20) Damproofing is not required for slab on grade. 21) The flashings over the foam on Detail 6 of A504 needs to extend to a point 6" below grade. 22) Ensure bedroom circuits are AFCI protected and that smoke detectors receive their power from one of these circuits. 23) Wall type W2 syas 2x6 but calls out 2x4 in the body of the detail. 24) The service grounding detail is outdated and requires all grounding types possible, we only require the Ufer vert. 25) Details on 5 & 8 A503 indicate the weather barrier to be installed incorrectly or redundantly. An extra piece of weather barrier is added in above the flashing at the trim above the windows and is not necessary. The original layer of weather barrier can be sliced and the flashing installed under. 26) Ensure exhaust openings do not occur within 4' of the property lines and do not penetrate the fireretardant treated plywood. 27) No plumbing is allowed in separation per 2015 IRC R302.2, walls as indicated by keyed notes 7, 11 and 18 of the plumbing pages.


R-3 Res. 1-2 Family V-B
U Utility, Misc. V-B

Total Valuation: