< Permit #5781 - 12/11/2019

Permit Information:

Permit Date:
County Permit Number:
County or Castle Valley:
Grand County
Residential or Commercial:
Type of Permit:
New construction
Building Address:
3375 S Village Loop Rd
Applicant Name:
Shawn & Shawna Lupcho
Owner/ Builder:
Construction Category:
01 Res Single-family, detached
New Residence
Finished Living SF:
Garage/Carport SF:
R-3 Residential, one- and two-family
Residential Use (New construction/change of use):
Number of Buildings:
Number of Dwelling Units:
Number of Bedrooms:
Number of Bathrooms:
Floodplain Status:
Certificate of Occupancy:


Triple J Construction - General Building, 5 W Dogwood Ave Moab UT 84532
Primary Contact: GC Jamie Johnston
Moab Stucco LLC - General Stucco, PO BOX 996 Moab UT 84532
Primary Contact: STUCCO Jim Whatcott
Dan Stott Drywall LLC - General Drywall & Plastering, PO Box 723 Moab UT 84532
Primary Contact: DRYWALL Dan Stott
Accurate Insulation - Insulation Contractor, 2252 Colex Dr Grand Junction CO 81505
Primary Contact: INSULATION Jim Ross
Moab Heat N Cool LLC - Refrigeration; Boiler Installation; HVAC, 4986 Spanish Valley Dr Moab UT 84532
Primary Contact: MECHANICAL Jared Shumway
J B Plumbing, LLC - General Plumbing, PO Box 8 Moab UT 84532
Primary Contact: PLUMBING Jake Barlow
Hillside Electric, Limited Liability Company - General Electrical, 369 Hillside Dr Moab UT 84532
Primary Contact: ELECTRICAL Dennis Mogensen

Property Information:

Parcel #: 02-0SGT-0007

Owner Information:

PARK CITY, UT 84098-0000

Plan Reviews:

12/11/2019 - Building Department
Out for Corrections - Bill Hulse
Date: 12/23/2019
Completed Date: 12/16/2019
- Plan Review for both Units


  • 12/16/2019 - 1) The required rear set back is 15 feet, currently the building is shown at exactly 15 feet. The front set back is only 10 feet and is shown at 20 feet. If possible, to avoid issues slide the building 5' forward. 2) Because this building is allowed to be rented nightly, it will need to be sprinklered. This can be done using a 13D system at the time of construction or be retrofitted before a business license will be issued. 3) Although not a code requirement, the washing machine on the 2nd floor should either be in a pan or provide a floor drain in the room. 4) Ensure the windows int eh sleeping rooms meet egress requirements. 5) Either the parapet wall will need to extend 30" above the roof or provide fire retardant treated sheathing for 4 feet either side of the party wall. No openings are allowed for 4 feet no matter which method is used. 6) The 2 hour party wall needs to extend through the job in the front and the cantilever in the back. Provide engineering for the cantilever. 7) Overhangs that extend across the property line will need to be 1 hour rated. 8) Wall section on A3.0 needs to be revised to show the following: R-20 in exterior walls, the lid appears to be unvented but the note calls for soffit and ridge vent. If it is unvented, remove the 4 mil poly vapor barrier and ensure the blown in insulation is in contact with the spray foam. 9) Seismic strapping of the water heater is now required in our area. 10) Cut section on A3. call out 1/2" gyp on the 2nd floor lid, this will need to be 5/8" where framing is spaced 2' on center. 11) The refrigerator does not have to be GFI protected, it could be the first receptacle in the circuit and GFI the next. 12) The plans are not to scale, ensure proper spacing of receptacles. 13) Show the location of the meter base, call out the ufer vert and the intersystem bonding lug. Also show the distribution panel location. 14) An exhaust fan is needed in the tub/shower area of the master bath. 15) Ensure the smoke detector in bedrooms 2 & 3 are 36" minimum from the bathroom door. 16) While not a code issue, the doors serving the water closet compartment in bath 2 & the master do not provide much room once inside, pocket doors could work. 17) E1.2 shows receptacles in the hall for one unit but none in the other, at least one is required. 18) Provide more detail on the ICF wall, include rebar size and spacing, ledger attachment, and fireblocking at floors and ceilings.


R-3 Res. 1-2 Family V-B
R-3 Res. 1-2 Family V-B unfinished basement @ 80%

Total Valuation:



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12/11/2019 -