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By signing below, I agree to comply with all City, County and Building Laws and Ordinances. I acknowledge that the representations, in this application, are true and accurate and any misrepresentations or errors herein are the sole responsibly of the applicant and shall in no way incur or accrue liability or obligation to enforcing officers or agents. The permit, once approved, becomes null and void if work on construction authorized is not commenced within 180 days, or if construction or work is suspended or abandoned for a period of 180 days at any time after work is commenced. A building inspection is required to verify construction has not been abandoned. I have established setbacks from property lines and will take all responsibility for setting the building to meet all code requirements. I have inspected all site improvements and found them to meet City Standards and agree to repair any future damage up to receipt of certificate of occupancy. SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL: The Centralia Municipal Code (CMC) and the Lewis County Code (LCC) prohibits any person from disposing of solid waste, generated or collected within Lewis County in a manner inconsistent with the processes described in CMC 6.08 and LCC 8.15. These codes require that all solid waste, collected or generated, within the City of Centralia and Lewis County, unless source separated recycling, must be disposed of at the Lewis County owner, operated, and permitted facility. In the City of Centralia that location would be the Lewis County Transfer Station at 1411 South Tower. If you have any questions about the disposal of solid waste, please contact the Centralia Public Works Dept. at 360-330-7513 or the Lewis County Solid Waste Division at 360-740-1451 or 1-800-749-5980. By signing below, I understand and have read the requirements for solid waste disposal. RESTRICTIONS: City Sewer System: Sewer line must be capped at the riser above the City main line and inspected by the Wastewater Dept. Inspector. Exception: Within a mobile home park, sewer may be capped at the pad. Septic System: Septic tank must be pumped, crushed, back-filled and inspected by City of Centralia Wastewater Inspector. Water Service: City crews must remove the water meter or plug tap. Contractor must arrange disconnection with Public Works at 360-330-7552. Utilities: Contractor must arrange electric and gas disconnection with appropriate utility company.

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